Purpose and Schedule

Author, Bryan Davis, is my mentor and can certainly benefit any writer. He’s a fantastic writer and has truly transformed my writing from rookie to quite good! His insight will certainly sharpen your skills. I’ve gotten the most help from Bryan’s input than any other writer or editor. Are you ready to take your writing to the next level? Begin that journey by following his blog today. God bless you, Bryan aka Obi-Wan Brynobi!

The Author's Chair

Announcing The Author’s Chair Blog!

Writers and readers, this new blog is for you.

Writers – Make your writing sparkle by implementing writing tips, participating in critique sessions, and gaining insight into the publishing industry.

Readers – Watch me develop a story over several weeks, read works in progress from up-and-coming writers, and chat with an author and other readers.

Here is the blog’s proposed schedule:

Monday – Writing Tips (Weekly).

I will be providing a tip on writing each Monday that will include examples so you can see how the tips work in practice.

Tuesday – Watch a Story Develop (Frequency dependent on story progress).

I will post regular updates to a story so you can see how it develops as well as the edits I make over time. I will include commentary on why I made certain story decisions. For readers this is a great opportunity to get a…

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Ever since Kindergarten I've dated. From Bobby Well onward, I had over four dozen boyfriends. Fifth grade was my high year: sixteen sweethearts. I went through a few boys every year after that during middle school, and high school was where my dry season hit. Between freshman and senior year I had a consumation of nine boyfriends. I was on a hunt. I'd seen every Disney princess movie, and I was bound and determined to find my prince. Prince Charming wasn't in a far away land, he was in Miami, and I wasn't going to stop until I found him. So I thought. Villains are usually the one's who get in the way of your pursuit for happiness, not Heros, right? Well, in my case, it was both. View all posts by BetterThanPrinceCharming

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