Abortions Are So Much Fun


I don’t see a problem with women desiring equal voting rights.

I have some quibbles with women desiring to be in the military though. I don’t think fighting in the military should be a right as much as it is a test of skill and strength because you need both in order to effectively protect the nation. The physical grit it takes to be a solider is serious and yes, between two healthy humans, men are physically stronger than women. Not only that, but women can be targeted as sex slaves and become rape victims if they’re captured by the enemy where as most of them just want to kill their male adversaries. But throw a woman their way and they might just abuse her sexually before killing her. I don’t know about you, but there is naturally something more gentle and nurturing in a woman than in a…

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Ever since Kindergarten I've dated. From Bobby Well onward, I had over four dozen boyfriends. Fifth grade was my high year: sixteen sweethearts. I went through a few boys every year after that during middle school, and high school was where my dry season hit. Between freshman and senior year I had a consumation of nine boyfriends. I was on a hunt. I'd seen every Disney princess movie, and I was bound and determined to find my prince. Prince Charming wasn't in a far away land, he was in Miami, and I wasn't going to stop until I found him. So I thought. Villains are usually the one's who get in the way of your pursuit for happiness, not Heros, right? Well, in my case, it was both. View all posts by BetterThanPrinceCharming

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