Being A Man Is Not Wrong, So Let’s Stop Acting Like It Is


Manliness and testosterone are not bad things. Too often does our society, our media-culture delineate and degrade men for simply being men. Their natural, God-woven design is as special and wonderful as a woman’s God-woven design.

Greed, control, and abuse are not byproducts of testosterone. I know a man who has never once raised his voice at his wife. His wife had this to say about him:

What’s on my mind? My incredible husband is on my mind. He is so good to me and loves me with a tender, fierce love. Daily he showers me with praise and tells me I’m beautiful. He’s so persistent that he actually has me believing him. Ha!Ha!
This may sound unbelievable, but *believe* me when I say that he has never once raised his voice at me or uttered an unkind word to me. I can’t recall one time when he’s been angry…

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About BetterThanPrinceCharming

Ever since Kindergarten I've dated. From Bobby Well onward, I had over four dozen boyfriends. Fifth grade was my high year: sixteen sweethearts. I went through a few boys every year after that during middle school, and high school was where my dry season hit. Between freshman and senior year I had a consumation of nine boyfriends. I was on a hunt. I'd seen every Disney princess movie, and I was bound and determined to find my prince. Prince Charming wasn't in a far away land, he was in Miami, and I wasn't going to stop until I found him. So I thought. Villains are usually the one's who get in the way of your pursuit for happiness, not Heros, right? Well, in my case, it was both. View all posts by BetterThanPrinceCharming

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