Great Article On Why The Rapture Is A False Doctrine

I just finished reading an excellent article on the Rapture Theory’s origins and why it is a false doctrine, and I wanted to share it with you all. After reading, please feel free to share your opinions in a comment. I myself for maybe a year now have discontinued my belief in the pre-tribulation Rapture Theory, just by reading the Word. But I decided for the benefit of myself and others, to look into the origin of the belief since I had heard some questionable things regarding the creator of it.

Here’s the link to the article:

Again, I’d like to hear your thoughts on it, so feel free to comment after you’ve finished reading it.

Much love,



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6 responses to “Great Article On Why The Rapture Is A False Doctrine

  • Faith Unlocked

    Thank you for this – great chronology and analysis. I think describing it as ‘doctrine’ is too kind – my personal view is that it is at best a distraction, at worst a deception, and at my most cynical, simply an industry.

    Of course it’s not the only theory/doctrine/dogma precariously based on tenuous interpretation of single verses out of context.

  • Alexandria Bella

    Hey Natasha I hope your day is going well.
    Ugh, I really try to avoid this topic. Honestly, its so draining and at times confusing taking in both arguments. Nevertheless, I still read the article because I’m in between two denominations atm and the main difference is that one believe in the rapture and the other doesn’t. I just had a mind set that either way we must be ready, no one knows when Jesus is coming, we must be ready to suffer and maybe even die for our belief.

    Anyway, can you please explain to me Revelation 20, I mean it really sounds like a “rapture” to me but I know many things in the bible our misinterpreted. Also, about Edward Irving I noticed they spoke alot about him and his church believing in speaking in tongues. Almost as if that is a false teaching as well. Now when it comes to spiritual gifts I DEEPLY believe that God gives us spiritual gifts. Am I misunderstanding or was that just a point they was throwing out there? Or is the writer downgrading spiritual gifts?

    Thirdly, I remember you had a post of fb about the rapture and you broke it down in Revelation. I really like that. Is it possible to post it again please? Lastly, I am between Baptist, Pentecostal and Non denominational. I’ve been reading alot about the three denominations and noticed that the internet have alot of lies about Baptist and I would know since I been in a Baptist church for 18 years. Also not alot of support about Non denominational, many vague answers. I remember you said you was apart of that religion can you tell me a brief review about the belief on NDC.

    Thank you so much. I know I asked alot of questions. sually thats what happen when I read articles like theses. 😀

    • betterthanedward

      Precious sister, thank God for your hunger for truth! I don’t think the writer of the article was looking down on gifts, but rather questioning their display of the gifts. I believe in the gifts. I myself have received tongues (but I was alone when I received it, on a missions trip. I didn’t fall back and start convulsing, nor did I shout and lose self-control).

      Why I do not visit Pentecostal churches is because they tend to emphasize the gifts too much and display a lot of disorder. The house of God is supposed to be orderly, and decent. Self-control is a fruit of the Holy Spirit (Galatians 5). The psalms says God exalts His Word above His name, but in many Pentecostal churches, the Word is hardly taught, and the focus is miracles, tongues and wonders, and unfortunately, they’ve received a bad reputation because the healings are minor at best and are shown to be false at worse.

      I don’t know much about baptist churches, though I know every denomination has its wolves and most have false doctrine intertwined or man-made traditions that can hinder followers of Christ rather than edify them.

      I was non-denominational, but God called hubby and I out of our old church and shortly after, our pastor was exposed for being adulterous. Now, we just meet at a pastors home, and we pray together, worship together, get into/discuss the Word together, eat together and fellowship together. We also have upcoming events planned to work alongside churches and help them reach their community with the Gospel. We’re basically bringing it back to the home-church models described in Acts.

      I’ll look for that post you mentioned.

      Much love!

      • Alexandria Bella

        Oh wow! Thank you. One day in worship I started to speak in tongues but I thought it was just my head playing tricks on me because I thought when you speak in tongues you suppose to shout and shake :/ I just stop worshipping cause I fet like a false worshipper(those people who act).

        Wow it is amaing how God work! To work to you all like that. That’s wonderful! I hope you and everyone else involved in your home church touch lives and speak only the good will of God.

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