The Mega Church Model is Destructive

The Mega church model is destructive.

It props up a man and helps him stumble.

Jesus said the least of all shall be the greatest, and Paul rebuked the early church for exalting him and other men.

But how many of us do this today?

I’m guilty too. “Oh I go to such and such church with such and such pastor” Instead of just, “I love Jesus and follow Him.”

It’s so dangerous because pride and sin are waiting to devour us and if people are always fawning over you and you’re famous, it comes to a point where you start to think highly of yourself.

And with the mega church mind-set, I think we focus on saving the world so much that we neglect those right in front of us. And when we get so comfortable in one place, 30 years with the same people, we get complacent. The apostles were always on the move. They would stay in one place and disciple the church for like a year or so, building up the saints, then move on to another place. It becomes too routine after a while when we just stay in one spot with the same people. Most of the renowned Christians in the bible were vagabonds.

David fell because he was comfortable at home instead of out on the battle field where it was hard and painful and dangerous. The Christian life isn’t comfortable. If it is, then something must be off.

I think it also becomes a job. You’re paid, you have a work schedule of when you’re going to preach. It’s not like the Spirit leads you anymore. You’ve put Him in a box based on your work schedule.

I think we all have strayed away and have done church in the way we think is best, not the way God knows it’s best. It’s like a business model instead of an unpredictable wherever the Spirit leads model.

Even apostle James said don’t say “tomorrow we will do such and such and go to this place” for you don’t know what tomorrow will bring. It’s a form of pride really. But today’s church is like, “Wednesday night is bible study, Sunday is church service” and that’s the routine and the schedule. It’s not exciting anymore.

I pray we don’t exalt man anymore and just stay humble, serving one another and loving each other. May we not treat one man more special than another for we are all one in Christ.

Please forgive us Father, and revive us, Your church.


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