If You’re A Christian, You’re Also A Knight

Saturated. This world we live in is saturated with lies. Lies about relationships, lies about sex, lies about marriage, lies about God, lies about products, lies about science—lies, lies, lies.

And we’re disciples of Christ.

We’re disciples of Christ?

Are we renewing our minds daily, washing away the lies all around us by bathing in the pure water of God’s Word?

This earth and heaven itself will pass away, but the Word of our King endures forever.

Are we too busy to wield our Sword? Are we too tired to grasp the holy hilt and carry it at our side to the workplace, to our school, to our bedroom, to our parent’s house?

We are knights defeated, we who put on our armor, but forget our Sword at home, or leave it at church.

We are dead commanders leading squadrons, we who stand at the pulpit and speak man’s words rather than God’s.

The war is real. The battle begins each morning. Our eyes open, yet our enemy’s are never closed. He wields bow and arrow, shooting flaming barbs at our very hearts, but do we have a golden shield that deflects those arrows of temptation and doubt, a shield that has been wrought from the faith given by God’s Word? Or do we have a shield made of straw that is utterly consumed by those flaming barbs the moment they strike because we have been too busy or too tired to read our Bible?

We creep forward at a snail’s pace on the battle field with quaking knees and feeble hands and no Sword strapped to our hip. All around us, enemies await in ambush with ready weapons, weapons forged thousands upon thousands of years ago, weapons that have slain the greatest men of God in times past.

And there we are. Surrounded and unarmed.

This is reality. This is not a mere metaphor. In the spiritual realm, this is how those of us who do not prioritize God’s Word in our life look: an easy target, ready to be trampled.

But there are others. Legends. Heroes of the faith. They ride into battle on stallions with Swords raised high. The enemy fires many an arrow, desperate to defeat these mighty, but they are too powerful. Their swords slice the fiery arrows in half, and their golden shields deflect every blow. They gather the wounded as the enemy flees, and heal them.

People cheer and shout, with banners lifted, rejoicing in the salvation of these legends, of these victorious.

So there you are. Standing in the midst of the mighty. One of them reaches his hand to you, light gleaming off his golden armor, a reflection of his inner glory. He says, “Come, and I will disciple you. I will train you to be a victorious warrior, useful to our King.”

Will you take his hand?

To see more on how literal this war is; the weapons used, the armor worn, and the battles that have and continue to take place in the realm unseen, check out Matthew 11:12, Ephesians 6:10-18, 2 Corinthians 10:4, revelation 6:2, revelation 12:7-9


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