Just Got Verbally Pistol-whipped By A Pack Of Atheists

Just got bombarded by mean-spirited self-proclaimed Atheists who said awful things to me because I’m a Christian, and I just want to thank Christ for my family in the faith. I love you all so much and your love for Christ encourages me all the more. The Word says to encourage each other daily, all the more as you see the Day drawing near, spurring one another on to good works and love. For these are the times prophesied by the Holy Spirit through Paul. That people won’t endure sound doctrine, but run aside to myths and will be lovers of themselves and haters of God. Let us not allow their hate to douse our fire of love. Let us bless our enemies and pray for those who abuse us physically and verbally. Let us love them despite their words and actions, testifying to God’s goodness in fear and humility, that they might be freed from Satan’s grip, and repent. Pray and keep moving. Though some of the things those people said were hurtful and brought on tears, I was singing praise after, reminded of all my Savior has done and how good His promises are and the wonderful hope that lies ahead for those of us who endure till the end. Thankful for you all, my brothers, and most of all for Jesus, and for His Holy Spirit who is my comforter.


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4 responses to “Just Got Verbally Pistol-whipped By A Pack Of Atheists

  • sevastra9

    I have 2 questions regarding your post, 1: which ‘sound doctrine’ are you referring to? 2: you said ‘ let us bless our enemies and pray for those who abuse us physically and verbally’. I would assume that you intend this to mean that this is the Christian way, so how do you as a Christian justify the participation in military activities and ‘anti’ *(fill-in-the-blank) protests?
    This is not an attack, this is an honest question coming from someone born and raised in the church (now an athiest).

    • betterthanedward

      The sound doctrine I’m referring to is the accounts of Genesis through Revelation. I don’t justify violent Christian protests. The Bible says those who hate are murderers. People who contradict Christ’s teachings will be judged by Him.

      • sevastra9

        But for something to be sound, doesn’t it logically follow that it is also evidential and not contradictory in any way? I’m not in any way making fun of you or your faith, just curious what the logical explanation for this would be.

      • betterthanedward

        But you’re implying that it’s contradictory and not evidential when in fact, there’s an immense amount of evidence and the Scriptures don’t contradict themselves. The testimony of who God is, His character, His promises, are all consistent. Several prophecies have been fulfilled in exact detail. There’s corroborative evidence for Christ’s death, miracles, and followers proclaiming He was risen from the dead. The bible has the most manuscript authority than any other ancient written work. If we question the sincerity of biblical manuscripts than it would be completely hypocritical and illogical not to likewise doubt the works of Plato, Homer, and others who don’t have even half as many manuscripts as the Bible has.

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